Moving survey vs phone estimate

Surveyor manWhat actually is the reason why these two different estimate methods are recommended before you ever hire a removals company Watford and embark on a house move? Now, the standard practice is that when you want to get an estimate from removals company or Watford man and van team about how much will it cost to move your properties from your location to your destination; they will like to know the exact things that will be transported, so that they will be able to come out with an estimate that is feasible. However, due to the way the removal issue is wired, the practice whereby the moving company calls you on phone to get information about your items and give you an estimate of what it will cost has been in the front burner. This is against the practice of coming to your home to look at the properties to be moved before the estimate is given. Now, many professionals in the industry are of the view that the phone estimate is enough to give a workable estimate, while many others are saying no.

Now, none of the parties is disputing the importance of the phone estimate which serves to give the person who wants to movie a glimpse of what he is expected to pay for the services. We all know that none of the estimates is dogmatic especially the phone estimate, so we cannot say that it is erroneous in any ramification, because it is never expected to be accurate. Now for the function of disposing your mind towards what you may be paying for your house removals Hemel Hempstead, the phone estimate is a very wonderful tool. Some companies offer also online services to compare removals But when it comes to the exact cost of what you should pay, then the in house or survey estimates must be done.

The fact remains that there are many things that are unique in every move. One may say that the elements of the moving process are all the same. However, there are some subtle and unique elements that differentiate every move from the other. These elements may be the things that will determine the exact amount you will pay. Most of these elements cannot be considered in the phone estimate. So, when an in house survey is not conducted, these things will not be considered. The cardinal point is that an in-house survey is meant to develop a unique and custom plan for your move as well as to see the items and give a unique price quote based on what is seen and not what others have moved.

Estimate typeNow, apart from seeing your items and making an inventory of the things that will be moved, you should sit down with the move director and work out unique plans for your removals Stevenage. Now, the challenges that will be taken care of by a physical survey which the phone survey may not be able to consider are the size of the truck, that of the crew and the equipment and materials to be used. Others are the topography of the connecting street and bumpy roads that demands extra work for the truck to get to the house. The distance from the place where the truck will be packed to the house and things like low hanging wires on the road that needs to be taken care of. Information about the aforementioned must be gathered and documented on time. These are actually the things that determine not only the cost but the success of the move.

When you are working with a phone estimate, the moving company would not be able to ascertain and prepare for the unique services you will need. Again, when you allow the company to come for surveying in your house, you will be able to get to know the staff and strike a connection with them. Now, most of the firms that will insist on the phone estimates are fraudulent firms that are looking for people to rip off and you must not fall for them. Seeing people from the removal firm assures you that you are really dealing with a removal firm. If any firm insists on a phone estimate, you have to abandon them.

Now, when you have the removal workers in your house for the estimate, you should take the opportunity to ask them questions about their identity. It is the time to tell them to present some of their membership and regulatory certificates to prove that they are real – you should remember about it especially if you hire local man with a van Stevenage firms. Make sure you show them everything that you will be moving, so that you will get an estimate that is accurate enough from them.

The in-home survey also allows you to assess the attitude of the moving staffs. Yes, if they are not offering services with courtesy, then you still have the time to run away from them. On another angle, you should also check their attitude to time. Did they arrive on time, are they professionally dressed, and how comfortable are you with them.  The phone survey is short and you don’t know who you are talking with. But when you have a face to face question and answer section with the representatives, you assess how confident they are in answering your questions. From here, you can realize the authenticity and sincerity of the firm.